Google’s Learning Machine


Google’s unrivaled search engine algorithm from 1998 has transcended to a digital personal assistant worthy of the name J.A.R.V.I.S. Its knowledge graph, natural language user interface,  and array of goto apps that all work together at understanding the user’s “wants” have given birth to contextual predictive search and feed capabilities that make Android phones feel like true artificial intelligence. Fandom aside, we can all agree that although Apple’s Siri has more personality, Google Now is notably more predictive and familiar when it comes to truly getting to know the user as a unique individual.

A recent update in Android’s new OS (code name Android M) has improved the already SciFi-like impressive assistant. With the home button held down, “Now on Tap” can collect and interpret the data on your current screen and predict what you may want to know based on the context of that information. The Google Now voice command works in same way. Asking a question like “how far away is it” will prompt Google to search results within the context of what is displayed on the screen without having to specify what “it” is and of course without having set your current location. You’re able to get access to said information without backing out of the app. To make Google Now even more intuitive, Google is claiming you can speak to it unhindered as you would a friend with normal speech patterns; a feat that has seemingly already been achieved.

Pair your incredibly smart phone with a high functioning Bluetooth headset like the Motorola Hint and you will have yourself a true hands free digital assistant experience that will remind any indie film fan of the ever charming fictional artificial intelligent OS “Samantha” from the critically acclaimed “Her” film. This is an exciting time to be a tech head and an Android user. We can now confidently say that what Google started creating in 1998 wasn’t merely a search engine but a learning machine that would continue to evolve. What our digital friend now needs is an actual name that can stand against Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana because let’s face it “Google Now” isn’t cutting it. For more on Google’s Now on Tap, check out the links below.


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