Meet The Man Who Just Made $2 Billion With Netflix Stock

In 3 Years his investment return had multiplied by 11. Buying $9000 worth of Neflix shares in 2012 would be worth a little over $100,000 today.



Advice: Buy all the stock you can right now. Any stock. As much as your bank account will allow. Because you know what? That stock might one day be so valuable that a little-known video-rental company you threw down some coins for in the olden days may end up netting you $2 billion when you cash in all your shares. (Insert Dr. Evil pinky-to-mouth gesture here.)

This latest story of riches to riches (the guy was rich before Netflix; he’s just richer now) involves a hedge-fund manager named Carl Icahn. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Icahn has been in the money business since the ’70s, and the 79-year-old businessman isn’t slowing down. You know what’s so impressive about this coup though? Icahn didn’t buy his shares in 2003 or 2004; he bought them in 2012 at 58 bucks a pop. Now they’re worth $658 and Icahn had 10…

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