SONY & Nintendo’s Hybrid Console Discovered

Images and videos of the rare Sony/Nintendo developed console were released today. The owner of the system says he found it in a box full of junk and that it belonged to his father who once worked for Nintendo. The system has yet to be powered on due to lack of cables but it certainly looks authentic.



For those who are unaware of console hybrid and its history, the Super Disc was supposed to be a Sony developed add-on to the Super Famicom system. Following prior relations with Sony researcher Ken Kutaragi, Nintendo contracted Sony to create the add-on for their upcoming console in 1988. At 1991 CES the SNES CD-ROM console was announced being able to play both CDs and Super Famicom cartridges.

The CD-ROM portion was code named Play Station and the system would compete with the recently announced Sega Mega CD. Unfortunately due to licensing disagreements, Nintendo bailed on the deal at the last minute siding with Sony’s rival Philips to produce the CD-ROM add-on. Nintendo’s partnership with Philips would eventually collapse.

Since Sony had already began production, and had 200 prototypes in circulation they decided to continue the release of the PlayStation as a standalone console. The 32-bit PlayStation console would go on to compete the Super Nintendo’s successor, the Nintendo 64. The rest is history. Check out the video below.



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