Inside the Trouble at Reddit


If you stumbled onto Reddit some midsummer’s morning, here’s what you might have found on the self-styled “front page of the Internet”: A local news article about Donald Trump’s latest faux pas. A photo of several dozen people watching Jaws while floating on inner tubes. More than 2,600 comments parsing the question “When did you discover that you were hot?” An animated GIF of Shaq dunking a golf ball. And a video of a torpid cat ruining some poor woman’s yoga practice. Obviously.

This is the kind of fare that makes the 10th most trafficked website in the U.S., eclipsing Netflix, Pinterest and the New York Times, according to Internet tracker Alexa. Its 164 million mostly young, mostly male users generated more than 7 billion page views in June, posting links and comments, then voting them up or down to surface the most thought-provoking, salacious or funny. Unlike…

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