Time Before Clocks

Although we’ve learned to make greater use of the time we have, we have allowed the moments to fade away. So much of our lives can now be captured, measured, and displayed on a platform for the world to see that we’ve become overly concerned with the exploitation of our daily mundanities rather than experiencing the moments.


History Today

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If we think of time at all it is as a dimension: something we travel through, an abstract and universal measure against which we mark our progress and against which we are judged, from minute to minute, from hour to hour, from day to day, from birth to death. It dominates our lives and, like life under all tyrannies, we are so immersed in the ubiquity of its oppression we don’t notice the constraints. From where I sit now, I can see the time in three places. If I cared to, I could find it in four more without moving from my chair. The computer on which I am writing this can, with a little effort, be made to measure time in microseconds.

I can think of no practical use for…

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2 responses to “Time Before Clocks

  1. As I read this cleverly written post about the inescapable fate of fleeting moments I think to myself that I could break this cycle by simply living life rather than reading about it.


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