About Me


I work in healthcare but moonlight as a righteous vigilante of the metropolitan area. As a child, the doctors described me as “creative and inquisitive” but as I got older words like “delusional” were thrown around. Fear of my unborn son’s hidden strength consumes me daily because though I’m destined for greatness, I have yet to reach Super Saiyan level 2. I continue to listen to 90’s euro-house and hip hop music as they have proved to be the true source of my powers.

Most of my time in the early 80’s was spent training Steven Seagal in Akido and Jean-Claude Van Damme in Karate. This tells you two things: I have a knack for breaking bones in a very gratuitous fashion and my split punches are deadlier than Johnny Cage’s. My weapons of choice are a combination of a dual shock controller and a katana. I am a long time skeptic, part time troll, former internet dweller, and a recovering gamer with the whimsical dreams of a child.

Welcome to my blog.


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